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Uniform Driver Interface

New Projects

The main UDI specifications are complete (see the Specifications page), including the core architecture and several device classes and bus bindings. The technology is in use in several products.


There are no new projects ongoing at Project UDI itself at this time.


However, there are individuals and other groups who are investigating or actively working on projects to extend UDI in various ways, such as metalanguages for additional device classes. If you are interested in learning more about these, or have your own project to add, send mail to (See the Contacts page for info on subscribing to this list.)


Some such projects include:


  • General Purpose I/O (GPIO) Metalanguage for direct pin I/O
  • Graphics Controller Metalanguage
  • Sound Card Metalanguage
  • AMD64 ABI
  • Bytecode Compiler ABI
  • Device Driver Repository