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Uniform Driver Interface

Archives and Historical Materials

This page contains link to historical information, works in progress, and out of date materials for Project UDI.


None of this material should be considered authoritative. It is most likely not compatible with the current UDI specifications and should not be used for implementation purposes. It is only intended as a perspective (or retrospective) on how we arrived where we are today, and what conclusions (and missteps) led us along the way.


This area also contains presentations and documents that while currently partially or wholly obsolete and outdated may prove useful as fodder for producing future updated materials.


Archival RFCs (Requests For Comment) and RFDs (Requests for Discussion)


Older Presentations (SUPERSEDED BY SCO FORUM PRESENTATIONS in "Intro to UDI"):


Older versions of the UDI Specifications (SUPERSEDED BY THE 1.01 SPECIFICATIONS):


Public review of the 0.90 Specifications