Official Specification Documents for UDI 0.90

These documents represent an earlier official definition of the UDI interface.
This version was a snapshot of a work in progress, and has been superseded by the 1.01 Specifications. Click here for the latest specs.

The UDI Specifications are organized into multiple books, as described in detail in the "Document Organization" chapter of the UDI Core Specification. The UDI Core Specification contains the definitions for UDI services and facilities required in all UDI environment implementations. The other specification books represent independent, optional services which may be common but are not required in all implementations.

  • UDI Core Specification, Version 0.90 [~3704K Acrobat PDF]
  • UDI Physical I/O Specification, Version 0.90 [~1123K Acrobat PDF]
  • UDI Network Driver Specification, Version 0.90 [~653K Acrobat PDF]
  • UDI SCSI Driver Specification, Version 0.90 [~537K Acrobat PDF]
  • The UDI Specifications contain the only "normative" documentation (that is, the official definition of the interfaces). All the other documents are "informative": they provide useful information and background to help in understanding how to use and implement UDI environments and drivers.

    For a high-level list of changes between Version 0.86 and Version 0.90, download changes.pdf (updated April 7, 1999).

    For a list of errata describing technical errors discovered in the Version 0.90 specifications, see errata.pdf (updated June 25, 1999).