Public Review of the UDI 0.90 Specifications

Version 0.90 of the initial set of UDI Specifications was put out for a public review period beginning on March 31, 1999 and ending on May 31, 1999. During this period (and in fact, through August), anyone could submit comments on these specifications in the form of Review Requests. The UDI technical team processed the review requests, and made changes to the specifications as appropriate.

The final 1.0 version of these specifications, with review comments incorporated, are now available. Click here.

NOTE: These have since been replaced by newer version specs. Click here.

A list of resolved Review Requests is available here.

A list of just the approved Enhancement Requests is available here.


RR resolutions were not necessarily updated to reflect subsequent spec changes. Some RR resolutions have not yet been entered.
The final 1.0 specs are the authoritative source.