Industry Endorsements for UDI

These additional endorsements were released by members of the industry, in conjunction with the
August 18, 1998 Press Release.


Hewlett-Packard is actively involved with Project UDI in the development of
the Uniform Driver Interface, in developing prototype UDI drivers and driver
services, and in demonstrating the effectiveness and portability of the UDI
approach.  HP hosted a multi-platform demonstration of the UDI technology
last December, and is participating in the UDI Showcase exhibit and
demonstration at SCO Forum.

HP continues to support the goals of Project UDI as an open industry forum
which has brought together experts in driver interface design, cooperatively
developing technology which enables a single driver to operate in a wide
variety of platforms and environments, thus reducing costs and time-to-market
for the delivery of I/O solutions.

    Graham Smith
    Tel: 408-447-2097


Compaq is an active member of Project UDI (Uniform Driver Interface)
and has participated in demonstrating the UDI environment on Compaq
products. Compaq is fully supportive of developing solutions through
open standardization processes such as Project UDI.

Project UDI's goal for a cross-OS, cross-platform portable device driver
interface is to be applauded. Such a standardization allows new products
and new technologies to come to market more quickly and across a wider
spectrum of platforms and operating systems. The UDI specification achieves
this without requiring specialized hardware or hardware interfaces.
ISVs and IHVs gain by concentrating their engineering and support efforts
on their core product rather than OS-porting and OS-specific variations.
Operating System vendors gain by the breadth of products that quickly
become available once a single driver is created.

Compaq is proud to have demonstrated an implementation of the UDI environment
in a true 64-bit SMP environment. The wide range of chip architectures,
endian orientation, and Operating System environments that UDI was able to
be demonstrated on is impressive, illustrating the strengths of the UDI
specification. Compaq is currently engaged in continuing the extension
and standardization of the UDI architectural specification.

     Dick Calandrella
     UNIX Business Segment Press Relations
     Compaq Computer Corp
     Phone #:  508-467-2261


"We applaud SCO taking the lead on this," said Bill Sandve,  program director
of IBM RS/6000 software product development team. "UDI has the potential to
greatly increase the number of devices available to our customers, especially
in light of the increasing popularity of the PCI bus."

    Jeff Gluck
    Senior Specialist, RS/6000 Media Relations
    t/l 826-3839
    fax 914-766-3847 t/l 826-3847