UDI Metalanguages

The following metalanguages are defined in the UDI Core Specification:
  • UDI Driver Management Metalanguage
  • Generic I/O Metalanguage
  • Additional metalanguages are defined in other UDI Specifications:

  • Bus Bridge Metalanguage
  • Network Interface Metalanguage
  • SCSI Metalanguage
  • The following UDI metalanguages have been defined by other organizations:

  • USB Metalanguage:
    Open USB Driver Interface 1.0 Specification from the USB Device Working Group
  • There are a number of additional metalanguages on the Project UDI "wish list". Of these, the following are currently being actively worked on:

  • Network Protocol Metalanguage
  • We're looking for volunteers to help with the following that are high on the wish list:

  • InfiniBand Transport Metalanguage
  • HID (Human Interface Device) Metalanguage [e.g. kbds, mice, etc.]
  • Serial/Parallel Communications Metalanguage
  • Other specifications being developed outside of Project UDI are also defining additional UDI metalanguages. (See Related Specifications.)