UDI Demonstrations

First Demonstration

The first UDI prototype was demonstrated before a multi-company audience on December 11, 1997 at an event hosted by Hewlett-Packard. See here for some photos of this historic event.

SCO Forum Demo/Exhibit

The first public demonstration was held at SCO Forum98 (co-located with UniForum) on August 17-19, 1998. Project UDI sponsored a UDI Showcase booth at this event. At the booth we had a multi-platform demonstration, desk charts explaining UDI, and hand outs of UDI documentation, data sheets, and special Project UDI business cards. There was significant interest from a range of companies in the OS, IHV, and platform hardware businesses. There was also some discussion of UDI at various driver forums at the conference, including the SCO Device Driver Writers BOF on Wednesday evening.

UDI Interoperability Events ("Plugfests")

The year 2000 ushered in a series of UDI Interoperability Events, hosted by Interphase in Dallas, TX, where environment providers and IHVs get together and try their pre-release products together in various combinations. The first of these was in January and was a big success, followed by 3 more at Interphase, and the fifth and final Plugfest at Unisys in 1Q2001.